Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mutter Paneer


                                                                                                            DATE:     17 January 2013

500 gm
Green Pea ( mutter )
150 gm
100 ml
50 ml
50 ml
Fresh Cream
100 ml
Onion (fine chop)
150 gm
Tomato  (fine chop)
150 gm
Whole Garam masala
2 no each
Chopped coriander
5 spoon
Cumin Powder
2 spoon
Coriander Powder
1 spoon
As per
Whole garam masala powder
1 tsp
Turmeric Powder
1 tsp
Kashmiri chili Pwder
2 spoon
Cashew paste
50 gm
Ginger/Garlic paste
3 spoon
As required

Procedure :-

Mutter-Paneer one of the delicacy of north Indian cuisine and its preferred all around the globe. Its really very tasty and mouth watering dish for vegetarian as well for non-vegetarian also. The gravy of this dish is rich and creamy.

To start with this preparation first of all cut the paneer in 1” cube and keep it aside. Take a casserole add oil and ghee let it b hot on fire and then put the mixture of whole garam masala as mentioned above. After tempering or crackling of garam masala add fine chopped onion and stir properly so that all the onion gets the even color and make it brown then add fine chop tomatoes and mix it well then add ginger garlic paste and keep on frying till the oil comes out from the gravy, keep on frying on slow fire. When the oil comes out from the mixture add all spices like chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin and coriander powder, and salt also. After adding all these dry powder ingredients add little amount of water in this gravy so that it wont burn and the taste of the gravy wont change.
Keep on cooking or frying all these on slow fire and then add cream and cashew nut paste in the gravy add water as required then let this gravy on simmer fire so that oil can come out  and then add mutter (green pea) in it and then add paneer and half of chopped coriander and garam masala powder in it.
Finish it with butter and left over chopped coriander.
you can garnish it with coriander sprig or your choice I prefer to garnish it with fine julienne ginger


Friday, 11 January 2013

Laal Maas


Mutton curry cut
1 kg
Chopped onion
300 gm
Chopped tomato
300 gm
Oil/ Ghee
300 gm
Turmeric powder
1 tsp
Kashmiri chili powder
3 tsp
Mathania chili powder
4 tsp
Mathania chili Whole
3 to 4
Coriander powder
2 tsp
Cumin podwer
2 tsp
Garam masala powder
1 tsp
Whole garam masala
1 no each
300 ml
As per
Ginger/Garlic paste
150 gm
Small piece
As per
Procedure :-

Laal Maas is traditional food from Rajasthan. Or you can say its from Jodhpur cuisine.
This is basically made from mutton and the color of the curry is red. Basically for its red color the dish named as LAAL MAAS. There is a chili named  Mathania its too hot as well as it gives red color to the food. in other hand Rajasthani cuisine use lot of ghee in their all preparation. The should float on the food. This cuisine is hot, spicy and rich in taste.

Above I mentioned Whole Garam Masala that contains :- Black Cardamom, Cinnamon stick, Green cardamom, Cloves, Bay leaf, and Mace.

To start with this cooking procedure first marinate the mutton (gosht) with salt, oil, ginger/garlic paste, little curd,  kashmiri chili and garam masala powder and keep it aside. Always use the mutton with bone it gives good taste to the gravy.

Take a heavy bottom pan add ghee make it hot, then add whole garam masala ( 2 pieces each that i mentioned above) and whole Mathania Chili let it b crackle. After that add chopped onion and keep on stirring on medium fire so that onion gets even color, make it brown then add fine chopped tomato  and keep on stirring till the tomato get dissolve with the onion and leaves the ghee separate.
Then add marinated mutton in it and keep on stirring. Add all powdered spice in it and cook it nicely on slow fire add little water slowly-slowly so that onion and tomato get well mashed and then at the last add curd and mix well. Make sure while putting curd it should not b split. Cover it from the top and leave it for 15 to 20 on slow fire.
After the time period check the mutton is cooked or not. The time is also depend upon the quality of the meat (cook it accordingly).
When u feel or check that mutton is cooked remove it from the fire and keep it aside.

Still your preparation is not ready dear, you have to give final touch to it

Take a small steel bowl and place it on the top of the gravy , make sure the bowl should not sync inside the gravy. Place a small burned hot charcoal in to the bowl put few whole garam masala in it and the add one spoon of ghee and cover it from the top so that the smoke flavor sholu retain in the gravy.

This process is known as DHUNAAR.

Garnish it with some fried whole red chili or chopped coriander

Warm Roasted Veg Salad


Mix lettuce
100 gm
Zucchini, (green/yellow)
4 slice each
Pepper (red/yellow/green)
2 pieces each
1 small
Cherry tomato
6 no
Haricot beans
6 no
7 no
As per
Olive oil
50 ml
Crushed black Pepper
A spoon
As per

Procedure :-

This salad is very simple to make as well as very healthy and tasty. Its increase your appetite and its completely mouth watering salad. You can use it as salad or as a main course too by increasing its quantity. The one who is much more conscious about the heath. Its very nutritive salad.
In above ingredients MIX LETTUCE means the combination or all three/four types of lettuce.
You can use red and green coral, iceberg, romain, freeze, rocket leaves and also other lettuce too.
That all depends upon your taste.
Wash the lettuce in chlorine water and put it in cold ice water so that it will become crispy and also looks fresh. Add some salt and crushed pepper for seasoning and place it in a plate in well arranged way or the give height in the middle of the plate.

Cut the Zucchini and pepper in triangle shape and peel the onion and cut it in to four pieces.
Clean the Haricot Beans and blanch it. For mushroom just only need to wash properly.

Take a ionized pan and pre heat it then pour the olive oil then put Zucchini and toss it nicely till the time it gets golden color all around when its gets colored finish it with salt crushed pepper and Thyme. Same procedure for the rest of the vegetables and do it separately each vegetables.
Except Cherry Tomato at the last just toss it for few seconds in pan.
Don’t forget to put Thyme, salt, pepper in each vegetable while sautéing.

After tossing vegetables keep it separately and well arrange on the top of the lettuce.

You can garnish it with your choice. I prefer to garnish it with curled Spring onion flower or Fried Bunch of herbs or fried Spaghetti Pasta.

Mutton or Chicken Ka Achar

Mutton & Chicken Boneless
2/2  kg each
Refined oil
1 ltr (to fry)
Mustard oil
1 ltr
Garam masala powder
2 tsp
Garlic julienne
100 gm
Ginger julienne
100 gm
Citric acid/ Lemon salt
0.5 tsp
As per
Kashmiri chili powder
100 gm
Turmeric Powder
2 tsp

To Soak

Fenugreek seeds (Methi)
200 gm
Whole red Chili
10 no
Kalonji (Nigella Seeds)
50 gm
50 gm

Procedure :-

Now a days Its very traditional that people are making non-veg pickles. The durability of this pickle is around 12 to 15 days but still its tastes good.
The Recipe of making achar out of mutton and chicken is same that’s why I mentioned both together. Here mutton and chicken two are the base and the ingredients used for that are same and also same in quantity. So please don’t confuse to mix mutton and chicken together.

I am describing here for chicken Achar and for mutton follow the same recipe.

First of all take a pan and soak the Fenugreek, Saunf, Kalongi and Whole Red Chili in sufficient water for 1 hours. The stem of the red chili should be plucked. After one hour strain it with a help of strainer and keep it away to dry it for half an hour.

Cut 2 kg of the chicken in cubes (2/2”). And boil it in a pan with 1 liter of water.
Add the little salt and turmeric powder in the boiling water. Cook the chicken approx 90%.
Then heat oil in a fryer and deep fry the chicken for two minutes, so that there should be less water content in chicken. After frying keep the chicken aside on a oil soaking paper.

Heat 0.5 liter of mustard oil in a big pan and add julienne garlic and ginger in it and then add the strained whole red chili, saunf, kalongi, and fenugreek. After mixing it in oil for 5 minutes add Kashmiri Chili powder, Turmeric, Salt and Garam masala Powder. And mix it well.
Then add the fried chicken cubes in it and stir it well.
Take out this pickle mixture in a dry container and add Citric Acid/Lemon Salt.

At the end heat up the mustard oil in pan and pour it in the pickle container.

Now your Chicken Pickle is ready to eat don’t keep this pickle in refrigerator otherwise the meat
Will become more dry and hard. Try to avoid water content in it.

A Fish Delicacy

1 NO
2  NO
5 NO

Procedure :-

Take Basa fillet and marinade it with lemon juice, oil , salt, garlic, and pepper and keep it aside for at least 3 to 4 hours.
So that the fish fillet can marinade fully to give a good taste.
Basa is very delicate fish and also very soft so handle it very carefully.
Take a non stick pan put sufficient butter in it and few drops of oil so that butter don’t burn, make it proper hot and then put the marinated fish fillet in the hot oil/butter and fry it till it become or it golden brown from both side.
If you want to reduce the oil or butter side from fish then you can apply a bit oil on a pre hot grill and put the fish on grill so that you can cook it in less butter or oil medium and in other hand you can get a proper grill marks on it. Its your choice which one you like.

Peel the potato and cut it in a cube shape and wash it nicely.
Par boil the potato ( 90% , Cooked ) in salted water. Then strain it and keep it aside to cool down. Again take a non stick pan add oil in it and then put diced potato in it. Sauté it slowly in low heat and then put a little butter in it. Butter gives color as well as it enhance the taste of potato then while sautéing at end put salt as per taste and also a pinch of crushed black pepper in it. And finished it by putting chopped parsley. The color of the potato should be light brown. And if you will sauté it in a low heat it will become crispy.

Cut the broccoli in  normal floret and blanch it in salted boiling water for 30 second. And then strain it and place it in ice  water or in running cold water. The reason of placing in cold water to retain it green color.
Take non stick pan add butter in it and a pinch of chopped garlic and toss the broccoli with applying little salt and pepper.

Caper Butter Sauce :

Take a pan add butter in it ( Amul Salted Butter ) and add 4 to 5 capers in it and cook it for few second on low heat so that butter should not be burn and the capers become more soft in butter .

I mentioned Amul butter because I like the taste of amul butter and I feel that it’s The Best.

Take a plate and you can present the above food combination as per your choice.
But don’t forget to put that caper butter sauce on the top of the fish fillet.