Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Beer Battered Fish Finger

500 gm
As per
As per
4 no
Olive oil
4 tsp
Refined oil
To fry
Maida flour
150 gm
Corn flour
70 gm
200 ml
1 no

Procedure :-

It’s really a delicious recipe and you will get the taste of beer with the fish. A complete combination of Food & Beverage. It’s a very good starter as well it’s very easy to prepare at home. It don’t require too much of efforts and skill to prove yourself. It’s very easy tasty and healthy.
To start with this preparation you need a boneless fillet of fish and cut with a help of sharp knife in a Batons ( Finger ) shape. Usually use Seer fish for this preparation. After the cutting take a bowl put the juice of 4 lemon, olive oil salt and pepper and mix it well then put the finger shaped fish in it and mix it well all together. Fish is all ready salty so try to avoid putting excess amount of salt in marination. Keep this marinated fish inside the fridge for half an hour, to get the best flavor.

For batter take a bowl put Maida and corn flour, salt and pepper and put the chilled beer in it slowly and mix it with the help of whisk so that it wont become lumpy. Batter should be in a good consistency  neither thick nor thin. Strain this mixture through a fine strainer so that you make sure that there is no lumps in that mixture. Then add 5 spoon of oil in it and mix it well. Keep this mixture in fridge to chill down.

Take out the fish from the fridge and dust it with Maida flour and keep it separately in a plate to avoid sticking each other. Dusting helps the fish to stick the batter in it.

Heat oil in a fryer at appropriate temperature. Dip the fish into the batter one by one and put into the heated oil and color it nicely till golden brown. Then remove it from oil and put it on soaking paper so that excess oil can come out from fish.

For garnish cut the onions in a ring shape and also dust it with flour and fry it with the same batter and similarly put it on soaking paper.

Now your fish is ready to serve and you serve it in your own way. I love to do it in my way.

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