Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wine Braised Chicken with Mustard potato

Whole Chicken With Skin
500 gm
3 no
15 no
100 gm
2 spoon
Onion Chopped
1 big
Garlic Chopped
1 spoon
Red Wine
300 ml
To taste
100 ml
As per
50 ml
1 spoon
Mustard Paste
1 tsp
2 no
20 ml
A pinch

Procedure :-

It’s very simple and easy to make at home. The red wine gives a different flavor to the chicken if it’s really well cooked.

To start with preparation cut the chicken in pieces as per your preferred size ( better to cut breast in by three and same leg also ). Make sure if the chicken is with skin it gives you the best taste. After cutting in pieces slit the chicken pieces and marinade it with thyme, salt, oil, pepper and chopped garlic and keep it aside.

Take a heavy bottom pan add oil in it then put chopped onion and chopped garlic stir it and then put chopped leeks and celery. Stir well on low fire and make sure it won’t burn. After that put dices of carrot and marinated chicken in it and mix it well. When the chicken get sealed from all side add red wine and cover it. Cook it on slow fire for 25 to 30 minutes if require add little water in it but mostly it won’t require. Time to time remove the lid and mix the chicken make sure it should not b dry when chicken is almost done add dices of mushroom and cover it. Before taking out from the burner add chopped thyme and butter to give glaze to the chicken.

For mustard potato, peel the potato cut into dices and boil it when its done drain the water and mash it properly there should not be any lumps or small dices of potatoes. To make it really fine and smooth pass this mash potato through the fine strainer, you will get a really fine mashed potato.  Take a heavy bottom pan add butter and cream and mashed potato in it and mix it slowly on really very low heat. Add salt pepper and nutmeg powder and also put the mustard paste, mix it well and finish it with a full spoon or butter.

Now again presentation is your part I did it  in my way.

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